Seventh House and Life Partner

Seventh House and Life Partner

The native’s desire is represented by the seventh house from the Lagna. It reveals the attributes that the person is seeking in a spouse. As a result, the 7th house must be thoroughly examined, particularly about the physical characteristics of the spouse. The Sun in the 7th House denotes a desire for a proud spouse. The Moon in the seventh house causes a wandering mind, and people are drawn to beauty and emotions. Mars in the 7th house will make you want to be aggressive. Young, talkative, and intelligent wives can attract Mercury in the 7th house.Jupiter in the seventh house might help you find the proper soul mate. Saturn in the seventh house can bring you an older spouse. Rahu in the seventh house might cause hatred against the partner, while Ketu in the seventh house can cause disinterest in the marriage. Other planets’ conjunctions and aspects, on the other hand, can alter the outcome.

The seventh house, which is ruled by Venus, can predict the type of person who will enter a person’s life. A spiritual individual might be brought by Ketu in the seventh house from Venus. A teacher or professor may be brought by Jupiter in the 7th house from Venus. Saturn in the 7th house from Venus might offer an industrious individual who adheres to tradition. This allows one to investigate the other planets. The Rashi should be studied in the same way. Venus is not at ease in the signs of Saturn and Mars.

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