Venus and Relationships

Venus and Relationships

Shukra, also known as Venus, is the planet of love, romance, and relations. A person with strong venus is attracted to the purest kind of love and relationship. Venus dominates the 7th house in the kalpurushkundli. Venus is also associated with Jal tatva, which governs one’s emotional state. Sukra dhatu, which means “pure and radiant,” is the most powerful type of jaltatva. Venus is exalted in the natural 12th house of pieces and debilitated in the natural 6th house of Virgo. Fasting, which represents the 12th house, is the most common remedy for love and relationships. Venus in the 6th house is marana karaka sthan for it, and if it is linked with Rahu in the 6th house, it might cause low morals.

The Combustion of Venus

Venus’s combustion occurs when it is close to the sun, since venus signifies Jal Tatva. When the sun and venus are near together, the sun has power over the relationships. Those with sun-venus close proximity in their natal chart place a high value on social norms. If society does not accept the relationship, the native will not rebel against it. When Venus is far from the sun, the native’s decisions will be influenced by emotions, and he or she will break down social barriers. As a result, the position of Venus about the sun, whether it is 2nd or 12th, has a significant impact on romantic relationships.

The seventh house from Venus should be examined to determine the type of the spouse and who will bring the spouse.These we will discuss in our subsequent articles.

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