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About Face Reading

Our astrologer with dealing with family problems, relationship problems, career problems, and many more our astrologer is also doing face reading where they reveal our past, present as well as future and they also dealt with the problems of the client and find the solutions of one problem and also help them to improve the personality and characteristics of one person. They see the lines on our forehead, our eyes, and our eyebrows.

They will also reveal what is going on in our minds. They are the experienced and best online astrologers we talk about them and they also charge with minimal cost. They have experience of many years and still, they do the studies of some or other topics if we talk about.

They can also reveal one future by only seeing the face of one. It is also called Physiognomy and it is the same as palmistry or astrology.

Some face reading techniques are:

1. First is the shape which can be triangular, round, oblong, square
2. People with round faces are also known as water-shaped people and have plump and fleshy faces which are emotional in nature, sensitive, and caring people. And have intense sexual fantasies and are the right choice for a long and stable relationship
3. People with oblong or wood-shaped faces have muscular or athletic physiques and it is believed that they are practical, methodical, and hard-working.
4. People with Triangular faces are intellectual, creative, and have a fiery temperament. With their wisdom, they can make a big impact on others.
5. People with square faces called metal-shaped faces are smart, analytical, and have determined minds. It is related to aggressiveness or dominance.
6. People with rectangular faces are honest, humble, and diplomatic. They are best in leadership and are also good at work. They are practical and grounded. They know their weakness and strength as well.
7. People with convex faces have a tilted forehead, slightly large nose, protruding eyebrows, and receding jaw shape. They belong to the stubborn category.
8. People with concave faces have a prominent forehead, straight eyebrows, small nose, flat mouth, and perfect chin which bends downward. They are kind and patient. And judge things personally.
9. People with plane faces have the feature of concave faces are usually clear mindset.
10. People with concave-convex person have concave upper and convex lower are usually weak and impulsive and very unreliable persons.
11. People with convex-concave faces are convex in the upper and concave at the lower. And have dominant in nature and also related to the deliberate and possessive nature of concave contours.