1. What is Helloastro24?

 Helloastro24 is an astrology based online web portal and services.

2. How do you process queries?

Once customer has filled Service request form and submitted his question, our trained astrologer will study all details and its effect on life. After accurate calculation they will provide remedies or solution for reducing that effect.

3. Which application is suitable for Customer?

Helloastro24 has two applications for customer i.e., Talk and Chat. Both are good and rest depends on customer selection.

4. Is Palmistry available with Helloastro24?

Yes, Palmistry option is available with Helloastro24. This is unique service provided by us.

Customer can upload the pictures of their hand and take services from expert palmist.

5. My hand palm photo is dark, is it useful for predictions?

We recommend taking photo of hand palm in bright light area, so small palm line is visible for better predictions and results.

6. Do you prescribe gemstones and yantras?

We would like to provide remedies that do not cost much. To do so, we prescribe mantras and simple pujas that you can do it yourself. However, if you are keen to wear a gemstone, or buy a yantra, we provide such guidance and facility too. Which remedy to follow is entirely your decision.

7. How much time do you take to process these queries?

It’s our endeavour to address all the queries same time as its online system. For order base query, the time to deliver the report is generally 4 to 5 working days.